The Baza Interior aesthetic focused on the acceptance of transience & imperfection. It can be reinterpreted as: understated elegance, beautifully unique or wisdom in natural simplicity. 

Organic materials and elements from nature are major components of a Baza home, due to the universally good vibes they bring. Made from plants,wool, wood, and stone, our products are great daily reminders of the beauty that can be found in natural imperfection. 

Each piece from BAZA Interior is handmade and unique. 

To maximize these good vibes, integrate wooden furniture, colorful woolen cushions, fresh flowers, and as many plants as your heart desires.

 about us 

BAZA INTERIOR is an interior design and decoration company which draws its style from Ethnic design with a modern elements.

Our furniture and home decoration are inspired by travel and stories around the world, bringing together traditional craftsmanship, bohemian style interior design and organic materials.

We collaborate with interior designers, property developers and architects to create projects that are distinctively different, from beautiful homes to soulful restaurants and charming hotels around the world.

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